Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen “ThesisGate Scandal”

Videos Click Here >>> Tsai Ing-wen "ThesisGate Scandal" Worldwide  

The ThesisGate: An international PhD scandal involving Taiwan and U.K. https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/  

Table of Contents:


1. Can One Earn a PhD from LSE without a Thesis?: The Bizarre Story of President Tsai (Author: Dr. Hwan C. Lin) https://www.dropbox.com/s/anfbbo66fql90cu/Lin_report_OCT2019_Eng.pdf  

2. Two Years, 1.5 Doctoral Degrees https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/posts/100758578222235 

3. Where is Tsai Ing-wen's blue hard-bound doctoral thesis? https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/posts/103809387917154  

4. Thesisgate vs. Watergate: A deceitful Taiwan President faking a PhD diploma with multiple versions https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/posts/110794223885337  

5. The U.K. ICO’s Preliminary Response to Michael Richardson https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/posts/116018076696285  

6. ACTV Report Series on President Tsai's ThesisGate Scandal https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/posts/132619835036109  7. US State Secretary Pompeo and Taiwan's President Tsai https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/photos/a.103809384583821/143344977296928/  

8. Two Asian political leaders disgracefully embellish their educational records https://www.facebook.com/docthesisgate/photos/a.103809384583821/147897770174982/


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